Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tag weh

1-besides ur lips,where is ur favourite spot to get kissed?
→perlu ke?

2-how did u feel when u woke up this morning?
→malas nk g sekolah sbb exam !

3-last person u took a photo with
→kak mimin

4-would u consider urself spoiled?
→dulu aa .skng bdk baik :)

5-will u ever donate blood?
→i will :))

6-ever had a bestfriend of the opposite sex?
→yupe .but now da tk cntact lg dgn dia =.=

7-do u want sum1 to be dead?
→ohhh tk tk aku baik

8-what does ur last text message say?
→'hee' :)

9-what r u thinking of rite now?
→dadu .dia tu klaka do skng mls aa nk cntct dgn dia

10-do u want sum1 to be with u rite now?
→ye .lee min ho laa .ehh tk bole wu chun aaa

11-what was the time u went to bed last night?
→tk ingt .tk smpat tgok jam

12-where did u buy the tee ur wearing now?
→kt tesco (baju sekolah wehh)

13-is sum1 in ur mind rite now?

14-who was the last person who text u?

15-ten lucky person to do this quiz
→org gila
→org utan
→serigala jadian
→makhluk tuhan
→org buta
→org org
→nenek sedara tiri kau
→org gaji tiri kau
→kucing tiri kau
→da habes daa

16-who is no2 having relationships with?
→ohh dia dgn babun

17-is no3 a male or female?
→dua dua pon bole :)

18-if no7 and no1 get together,would it be good?
→woahh !

19-what is no1 studying about?
→cmne nk klua dri hospital gile =.=

20-when was the last time u chatted with them?
→sumpah tk pena

21-is no4 single?
→uishh tk ya ckp pon da tau

22-say sumthing bout no2
→pndai mkn kutu

23-what do u think about no2 and no6 being a together?
→tk dpt ank :))

to zawin:bagus punya tagg :P