Sunday, February 1, 2009

tagged by kak yana again :)

If you are a guy, re-post this with 'PEREMPUAN' to replace LELAKI.
If you are a girl, then the other way round comes in.

7 Lelaki yang anda minati.

  1. my dad !huhh !dia hero aku ! i lebyuw daddy !muahhh !
  2. my grandpa .he is kind love hearted and so kind to me :))
  3. my uncle .dorg sume mmng sporting !
  4. my ex .tett !haha !
  5. my brother .dia abg aku of course aa aku syg dia
  6. my future bf .bkal mak mntua aku sporting orhh~ =.=
  7. YOU !yg tgah bace blogg ni .aku syg kau wei .thnks bace blog aku -.-

thnks to kak yana ! love you !muahhh ! :D